Skate Sharpening

Maximum Edge® Skate Sharpening Method


"Maximum Edge is Trusted by the NHL, CHL, OHL, NCAA, CIS and over 300 teams Worldwide."

Why should you choose MAXIMUM EDGE to sharpen your skates?

• No break-in period after sharpening
• Edges stay sharper, longer
• Reduced friction and fatigue
• Increased speed
• Improved center of gravity
• No skate chatter on stops
• Better control, turns, flows, acceleration
• Increased confidence level in blade edges

FACT: Stanley Cup Champions from the past 15 seasons have used a Maximum Edge sharpen, profile and finishing process!

**The Discovery Channel profiled the value of proper skate sharpening using Brock University's Varsity Team. The study featured MAXIMUM EDGE and the results demonstrated that the difference in blade maintenance is paramount to successful skater control.**

Key Points:

  • Consistency is the key to good skate sharpening. Why?

*Skate blades which have been neglected or poorly maintained are harder to sharpen and don't perform well on the ice. Clean strong edges improve skater control and a skater's confidence in the blades on the ice.

  • If the blades are of poor quality steel or have been overheated by bad sharpening, the blade edges are considered to be weak. Why?

*Weak edges are more prone to roll or snap off because they are brittle. Some sharpeners try to compensate this problem by sharpening with a deeper hollow, but this only compounds the problem. The deeper hollow gives the skater an edge, but the skate controls the skater and we all know the skater should be in control of their skates.

  • Does a Maximum Edge sharpen fix neglected blades, poor quality steel and overheated blades? More importantly, does Maximum Edge give a skater more control, balance and confidence on the ice?



Sharpening/Profiling costs:

- Individual sharpen  $7   -   individual sharpen via debit, Visa, M/C   $7.50

- 10-pack sharpen (MPS Value Savings Package)  $60. No expiry date. Must be bought up-front to attain savings.

- Profile (contouring the blade based on height, weight & player ability to maximize skater control)   $40

- Profile maintenance   FREE